It’s clear for us: every second counts and finding the best transportation mode for your journey should not take you time. We wanted to share with you a visualization of how we’re travelling in the UK, in real-time.

How many trips do you think take place every minute in the UK? Just looking at the bus, nearly 10,000 passenger journeys take place every 60 seconds. By train, there are over 3,000 trips. Looking at inbound vs outbound trips, 134 Brits are leaving the UK for business or leisure purposes every minute while 71 overseas residents are entering to visit. Over 340 hotel nights are being booked every minute but what’s the figure for campsites nights? How many people are visiting the British museum vs Tate Modern? How many luggages are being lost in a minute? Find out all of these information in the Gopili Travelboard. A real-time journey to the UK Travel & Tourism habits in numbers.

You can click on the image to see the Travelboard

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