You’ve probably already dreamed about it, being the only passenger on your flight. Imagine: not having to queue to get on the plane, no crying baby during the flight and no seatmate waking you up to go to the restroom! This is what happened to Nigel Short on an international flight from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.



The man was flying on a Boeing 737, that usually carries more than 100 passengers, the crew let him sit where he wanted, although in Economy Class. Mr Short did experienced some privileges as he explained to the the media: “I was served by two ladies and all of the announcements were directed to me. They would say things like, ‘ Mr. Short, we’re beginning our descent'”. Although he was the only passenger, the crew still performed the entire flight safety demonstration.

“I have travelled extensively and have visited more than 100 countries. On occasion I took flights that were virtually empty, but never before had been the only passenger.” Without a doubt, an experience that he will remember.

Source: BBC,

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