Changes to the National Rail Conditions of Carriage are now enabling rail commuters to request cash refund for delayed trains. Previously, train passengers being delayed by more than 30 minutes were only able to request rail vouchers from their operator. Vouchers could not be used when booking your train online and for discounted tickets. The new rules enable rail commuters to receive cash compensation via cheque.

How to get cash refund if my train is delayed?

Train operators have different policies for compensation but generally, if your train is cancelled or delayed by more than 30 minutes, you are entitled to cash refund. In order to request your compensation, you will need to complete an online form on the train operator’s website or to print off a form and hand it in at the station. You have 28 days to submit your request and must clearly indicate on it that you want cash refund and not rail vouchers.

Compensations do not apply if trains are being delayed or cancelled for reasons outside train operators’ control such as strike actions, acts of threats or terrorism, accidents involving trespassers,etc.

Please note Eurostar trains are subject to different rules compared to British rail travel.

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