The EU referendum is less than a month away. While experts predict Brexit will increase the cost of travelling to the continent, we noticed a significant increase of trips to Europe during half term. There are still opportunities to find cheap last minute tickets to travel to European destinations for next week by using gopili.

> Find cheap last minute tickets to Europe

How to find cheap last minute tickets to Europe?

Half term is the last school break before summer holidays but also the last one before the EU referendum. The number of trips to European destinations has increased by 30% for half term. Cheap last minute tickets are still available if you are flexible on your travel dates and transportation mode. As an example, you can travel from London to Paris on monday for less than £50: flights are available from £42, coaches from £26, ride share from £24.


How leaving the EU could impact European travel?

According to economists, leaving the EU could undermine the value of the pound against the euro, reducing the purchasing power of Brits in European countries. There is also a fear of increased air fares. A new treasury analysis from the government published on May 24 predicts that a 4-person holiday to Europe this summer could rise by £230 if the UK left the EU.

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