From 2016, all planes of the intercontinental fleet of Lufthansa will have Wi-Fi on board. The airline just teamed up with Inmarsat & Deutsche Telekom to equip all its aircraft with high-speed internet access.

Lufthansa continues its tradition of being a pioneer in terms of technological services offered to its passengers. In 2003, the German airline was the first to add Wi-Fi service on board of its aircrafts. A project that had to be cancelled due to the difficulty of maintaining the connection in the air. By summer 2016, the company which already offers broadband access on board of its international flights, will be one of the first to provide Wi-Fi across its entire fleet.

While inflight Wi-Fi is not available on many flights for the moment, it will become a major attraction for passengers and airlines will have to equip their planes quickly if they do not want to fall behind.

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