Millions of UK commuters have now access to Free Wi-Fi on board of public transport including buses, trams and trains. As part of the Government’s SupperConnected initiatives, free Wi-Fi has been installed on public transport vehicles in Bradford, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Newport, Oxford, Salford and York.

The scheme will be especially appreciated in Edinburgh as 713 buses and 27 trams have been equipped, providing 2,6 million of unique users with free Wi-Fi on board.

Ed Vaizey, culture and digital economy minister explained: “The rollout of free Wi-Fi on public transport has been a tremendous success and I’m delighted that so many people are making use of it. Installing free Wi-Fi on public transport is one of the ways we’re boosting connectivity across our cities and making sure the UK is properly equipped to meet the increasing demands of the digital age.”

Source: UK government, Digital TV Europe

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