Airbus aims to make flying from London to New York faster than from London to Paris. The aircraft manufacturer just patented a hypersonic jet capable of flying from London to New York in 1 hour and from London to San Francisco in 3 hours. As a source of comparison, a regular flight from London to Paris takes 1h 15m.


Cruising altitude of 100.000 feet

In order to achieve this 1 hour journey from London to New York, the aircraft will reach a top speed of Mach 4.5 which means four and a half times the speed of sound (more than 3000 mph). Airbus’ plane will be powered by 3 different engines that would serve at different stages during the flight: 2 turbojets mounted under the fuselage for the take-off, a rocket motor installed behind the aircraft to climb vertically to a cruising altitude of more than 100,000 feet and finally ramjets to reach the speed of Mach 4.5.


Limited number of passengers

Airbus indicates that the aicraft could have military as well as civilian applications. However, the number of passengers will be limited on board and the manufacturer estimates that there will be only room for 20 passengers.

Numerous Aircraft patents have never been marketed and Airbus’ hypersonic aircraft project is just at its beginning but the idea of living in London and being able to spend some weekends in New York looks great!

You can find the explanations of the youtuber Deepak Gupta on this aircraft in the video below.



Source: Mashable, Business Insider, Yahoo, KelBillet. Video: Youtube/PatentYogi

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