When creating new planes, aircraft manufacturers usually aim to improve the speed, capacity or even the safety of the plane but not this time. Airbus’s newest planes have been designed to ease the effects of jet lag.

Jet lag is a frequent inconvenience after long-haul flights and it can generate a bit of confusion when your internal body clock indicates 2pm while it’s full nigth when stepping off the plane. There might be a new option to overcome it.

Reducing jet lag with light settings and increased humidity

Airbus’ engineers brought new key innovations to the aircraft including panels of LED lighting which enable to create up to 16.7 million different light settings. The system adapts the colours and intensity of the lights depending on the flight duration and the time zones that the plane is passing through in order to imitate the normal shifts of sunlight.

The company also find a way to reduce the air pressure and increase the humidity for the comfort of the passenger while maintaining moisture levels. They used new plastic materials in order to pressurized the plane at 6,000 feet (rather than 8,000 feet) which is closer to the usual pressure on the ground. They also made some changes to the air filtration as well as the wide of the seats.

Airbus has not released any measurements regarding a decrease of the jet lag’s symptoms yet but there is no doubt this new innovation will be appreciated by travellers if it proves to work!

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Source: Digital Trends, Metro. Featured image credits: Medau, licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

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