Can’t wait to go back in France to taste these finest French cheeses, macarons or rillettes? Well, Eurostar may have a solution for you with Boomerang, a mobile phone app enabling users to “get the little things they miss across the channel” thanks to Eurostar travellers. French users can also benefit from this service and receive Yorkshire puddings, bacon or scones from users travelling to France.

The app enables to connect someone looking to purchase a product which is not available from his side of the English channel with someone crossing the channel on Eurostar who will be able to bring it back to him. Users looking for a product will enter the details of their request on the platform and set a price, Eurostar travellers will then be able to accept the offer and bring the product over. The payment is made via PayPal once the buyer has marked the product as delivered.

For legal reasons, some products are not authorised such as alcohol or tobacco. As the Boomerang delivery service does not aim to enable the purchase of products at reduced price or to benefit from the local exchange rate, the maximum amount of each transaction is limited to £30 (or 40€).

Source: KelBillet.

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