Willing to enjoy the most breathtaking view of your destination even before arriving? The travel blogger Alexandra Iannone has published on her blog an infographic revealing on which side of the plane to sit to get the best view when landing in the world’s biggest cities.
The results are based on the opinions of AVGeeks’ French community and on her own experience.

London, Paris, Tokyo on the right. New York, Beijing, Berlin on the left.

When landing in Shangai, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Toronto, Tokyo, Barcelona, Lisbon and Las Vegas, the study reveals that you should try to sit on the right side of the plane. It will for example enable you to see the Hollywood sign when landing at Los Angeles International Airport.

If your flying to New York, Beijing, Berlin, Dubai, Chicago, Montreal, Singapore, San Francisco or Sydney, the left side of the plane offers the best view when landing. The blogger explains that this will give you the opportunity to see the skyline of Berlin when landing at Berlin Tegel Airport or to enjoy the view of the Saint Lawrence River, the Olympic stadium and Mount Royal if your flying to Montreal.


Do not hesitate to let us know your opinion for the side of the plane to sit to have the best view when landing in other british & european cities!

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