Have you ever experienced this moment when getting off the plane, realising that you did not take the right clothing for this climate? Would you be happy to taste in advance the weather at your destination? Stockholm Arlanda airport has the solution you need.

Feel your destination

The Swedish airport has installed a “Climate Portal” simulating the weather conditions at your destination. The technology is connected in real-time to online weather services whose data are transformed into a physical and realistic experience for travellers.

The Climate Portal contains 3 rooms enabling you to taste different environment “Hot”, “Cold” and “Big”. Using the latest sound and image technology as well as wind and temperature simulations, the rooms will make you feel the heat of the desert, the cold of the winter and the weather in the world’s biggest cities. The Climate Portal is located in the terminal 5 of the airport and will be available until the end of August 2015.

This installation is a brilliant way for the airport to communicate around its international destinations but can also help travellers to jump to the duty free shops before catching their plane and add an extra jumper, sunglasses or umbrella in their suitcase!



Source: Swedavia

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