It didn’t happen for 13 years, the entire London underground network has been shut down on the 9th of July, causing major travel disruption across the capital. The tube strike started on Wednesday the 8th at 6.30pm and should resume on friday morning.

Alternatives to travel in London during the tube strike

If you’re a London commuter or if you’re travelling to London today or tomorrow morning, we had a look at your travel alternatives. Commuters have several possibilities to travel in London during the strike but you can expect extreme queues to use the travel alternatives.

The DLR, London Overground, trams and TfL Rail services will operate normally but will obviously be busier than usual. Buses are also running normally and an additional 200 buses are operating on major routes. Additional river services are also available. There is an heavy traffic on the road and we suggest you to walk or bike rather than using your car.

Why London tube’s drivers are striking?

London tube’s drivers are striking because of workers’ pay and conditions associate to the project of Night Tube services which should start in September 2015.

First Great Western workers are also striking today due to a dispute over plans to axe guards and buffet cars on First Great Western’s new Hitachi Inter City Express trains.

Source: Telegraph, BBC, CGPGrey

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