Would you consider spontaneously get away from the stress of the city for an afternoon break in quiet and relaxing mountains? Passersby of Zurich train station experienced this opportunity of great escape.

Switzerland’s Graubunden Tourism and agency Jung von Matt set up this action to promote the remote mountain region, targeting the “stressed” passersby of Zurich train station. An interactive billboard situated in the station featured a Swiss mountaineer inviting people to join him for an afternoon break in the Graubunden mountains.


Yodelling and offering free train tickets

The video shows the reaction of the passersby, surprised and amazed by this real-time communication with a man in a screen. We can see the mountaineer doing his best to convince passengers, yodelling and even offering his guests to talk to their boss or teacher to offer an excuse. If they accept to join him, the interactive billboard delivers free train tickets for passengers to jump into the train. Will you accept the offer?

Few days ago, we introduced you another brilliant idea to communicate with passengers via a climate portal to simulate the weather at your destination in Stocholm airport.

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Source: Jung von Matt/Limmat, Creativity

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